The Groper and His Wife, City Beach

I reckon I know my way around a bag of fish and chips. It’s in my blood. If you’ve read any more of this blog, you might have noticed that eating for cheap is also in my blood. When an offer for The Groper and His Wife flashed up on one of those group buying sites, I snapped one up for the bargain price of $19. Recently we were in the area, so decided to drop in for an early dinner.

Walking through the door, it’s immediately clear that this is no ordinary fish and chips place; for one thing, the first thing you see is an array of great looking salads rather than a heat-lamp cabinet containing a selection of stuff “fresh out of the fryer”. There’s also a small wet fish counter and several desserts on show. The huge wedges of rocky road looked fantastic and big enough to feed a family of four.

I was met at the counter by a very friendly server, who took my order as per the deal: two pieces of fried snapper, a large portion of chips and a pot of salad of my choice. We went for the freshly tossed salad of the day. I took a seat on the tables outside with JM and we examined the menu while we waited.

Be warned: this place is expensive. Snapper and chips will set you back $17.90. In the middle of wondering if we could imagine paying over $35 for fish and chips for the two of us, our order arrived. We peeled open the crackling waxy paper and got stuck in.

Crispy snapper fillets

Mind-bending chips. Go get some.

No messing about: the chips are incredible, as good as I’ve ever eaten. Freshly cooked, crispy, salty and plentiful. In fact, this portion would have comfortably fed three. The fish was perfectly cooked, flaky and super-fresh (these guys don’t use the frozen stuff). Minor gripe? It was slightly greasy, but since it really was fresh out of the fryer and wrapped up in paper straight away, I guess that’s forgiveable. The salad was an unexpected but refreshing addition.

Salad: the opposite of fish and chips

Despite being somewhat of a cheapskate (and still adjusting to the cost of food in Australia), I found myself convincing myself I’d be back to pay full price while putting away the last few chips. For us, it’ll be a rare treat. We both love fish and chips (and are big fans of the Left Bank’s excellent Wednesday $39 seafood platter for two) but at this price we’ll never be regulars.

It’s amazing fish and chips, though.

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One Comment on “The Groper and His Wife, City Beach”

  1. Aaron says:

    Thanks for coming down and for the review.
    Look foward to seeing you again soon.
    try the garden salad – im sure you will love it.
    Aaron and Paul

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